Thrashin’ Inspired skateboard deck design for Light Grey Art Lab’s Skate or Die show opening October 10th

    ( Thanks to Victo Ngai for suggesting the dots on the snake scales! )

    Kyle Stecker

  2. "Poodle"

    Kyle Stecker

  3. "Hope"

    Illustration for Narciso Espiritu Jr. at Instigatorzine

    Kyle Stecker

  4. "Snack"

    Kyle Stecker


  5. neil-gaiman:

    Only 65 Hours to go on this… It’s a documentary. There is the most amazing amount of original art in the Kickstarter rewards…

    You want this. You need this.

    Last couple days of this awesome kickstarter project that I feel very proud to be involved with. Check it out before it’s too late!
  6. Neil Gaiman

    Kyle Stecker

  7. Bat/Dragon/Dog

    Kyle Stecker

  9. gregthingscom:


    #templeofart #art #collaborate #make #gregruth

    Fund this because it’s awesome! ALSO follow Greg Ruth 

  10. Heads Up, Tongues out!

    Kyle Stecker