1. Back In late July I got a chance to do my first image for Grantland Quarterly 4 illustrating the article Oden on Oden by Mark Titus. The piece is an interview with Greg Oden, former #1 NBA draft pick, in which he discusses his injury filled professional basketball career.  I was asked to keep the feeling of the piece heavy and sad, but I didn’t want to take the stance of  many articles I’ve seen in the past that portrayed him as broken. I chose instead to represent “expectations and reality”.

    I am very proud to have been able to contribute to this interview. It’s a great read ( even for non NBA fans ) and more importantly it humanizes Oden. All too often it’s easy to become frustrated when an athlete doesn’t live up to our expectations of grandeur as if they are some product ordered off of the television. 

    Here’s a link to article if anyone is interested!


    Thanks to Juliet for giving me this awesome assignment!


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