1. God Bless You, Doctor Kevorkian

    A series of portraits inspired by some individuals in Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional interviews for WNYC “Reports on the Afterlife”. In controlled near-death experiences conducted by Jack Kevorkian, Vonnegut finds his way down the tunnel to the pearly gates collecting 90 second interviews with the famous, the infamous and some average joe’s.

    In order of appearance:
    1. Kurt Vonnegut
    2. Doctor Jack Kevorkian
    3. Saint Peter
    4. John Brown
    5. Mary Shelley
    6. William Shakespeare
    7. Isaac Asimov
    8. Burnum Burnum
    9. Sir Isaac Newton

    Some of the original recordings can still be found here. The rest can be found in the printed book version.

    Watercolor and Ink
    Kyle Stecker

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    Awesome illustrations stemming from my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut. Very nice work!
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